How Walt Disney Has Influenced Me

“We must never lose sight of one thing. That it all started with a mouse.”

-Walt Disney

Nope. Lucky for us, it all started with a man.

Walt Disney has had a tremendous influence on me, my company, products and the way that I do business for many, many years.

He is my top mentor in life and has been a great inspiration.

The only other person that I know of whom has touched on so many of mankind’s different m├ętiers was Leonardo da Vinci. How a man who was born and bred from the vastness of America’s early farmlands, only to become one of the most successful men in entertainment history is nothing short of a serendipitous marvel.

Like so many in the world, he consummately takes my mind away to far distant lands, and is always asking about the possibility of what the human mind can achieve. The proliferation of films, theme parks, merchandise, experiences, excellence in just about every industry that he and the company has touched etc… has propelled me to continue to take a look at the work that I am producing to ensure that it is of quality, and is something that the public (Walt often referred to “the public need”) would enjoy.

Out of the many different aspects that he touched on, one area that has struck the most vibrant chord with me is that of innovation. To this day, it bothers me tremendously that after Walt passed, the company didn’t care to continue with his E.P.C.O.T. – Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. To me, this is the ultimate city that solves the greatest number of problems facing urbanization. It is my life’s dream to see it actually happen.

Walt demanded perfection. A little known fact is that when color was introduced to film, the animated short that he was working on called Flowers and Trees – a Silly Symphony – started production as black and white. The moment he knew that he could get a hold of color, he stopped production and went on to produce it in color. It went on to win an Academy Award for best short film. This was rightly deserved. Eight years later, the Silly Symphony form blossomed into the (I believe still) under appreciated masterpiece called Fantasia.

To this day, there has been no tighter integration of music and animated film. The Rite of Spring showcases this to the greatest degree.

On this wave of innovation, he went on to create what is considered to be the “mecca” of theme parks. Disneyland. The Happiest Place on Earth needs to explanation from me. Only that some of the biggest advances in the art of the amusement park is that of injecting story into every aspect of the place, his radial design (inspired by the layout of towns from the Italian Renaissance), and of course Audio Animatronics.

All of this wouldn’t mean much, of course, if the guest’s experience wasn’t seamless, you were treated with dignity and respect, and the company’s insistence that it is THE place to make memories with your family.

We have taken cues from these production thrusts, and infused our own products with such lines of thinking. Our mission statement: “Everything that a guest sees, eats, buys, touches, does, wears, etc… , all has to do with their own personal adventure within our world.” is directly within this realm of innovation.

Our epic, fantasy, interactive novels, along with having heartwarming stories, feature full touch screen animations as individual pieces of merchandise that either move the story forward, and/or are integral to the plot of a character.

As well, throughout our universe, we feature hidden clues. These are pieces of mystery through which one must guess the answer, in order to move into another part of our realm.

The most innovative of the eBook formats is the iBook. While our products are also available on Kindle, we highly recommend the iBook versions.

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